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“I understand that my purchase is 100% Risk-Free for 60 days, but I must act now because limited viral advertising business packages will ever be sold…and I don’t want to miss out!”



The name is Cross, Steven Cross. I have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career and I am ready to reveal all.

What you are about to read may sound big league or out of your reach.

But I promise you, almost anyone can succeed when taught a proven method with one on one coaching.


If you don’t have the attention span or time to read every word of this, this is not for you.

Are you ready to stop the wishful thinking and stop buying JVZoo/W+ hyped up products with fake screenshots that are actually STOPPING you from making money?


Then Read On:

Don’t be a sucker for more fraudulent sales pitches.

FACT IS: No course or software will make money for you unless you have a proven profitable system to use it with.


You have already proven to yourself time and time again - you can't do this alone. No magic software or course will get you out of this hole you dug for yourself.


You have already proven you can’t do it alone and need personal One on One mentoring from someone who not just talks about it but actually does it every single day.


You need to be taught by someone who has been there done that and got a whole wardrobe of t-shirts.


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I am not giving you money. I am teaching you how to make money.

I practice what I preach and I want to help you.

I do this every day – I will show you how to replicate my method step by step.

I have personally no business qualifications, I had very little money to start but with a lot of trial and error, mostly error, I finally worked it out, and I made millions within 12 months.


Orders topped $160,000 some DAYS. (100,000 UKP)


I was little shocked at first, and I celebrated a little but I planned it and scaled it and replicated it a few times, that’s all:


It’s not rocket science.

I Have Perfected A WORKING Viral Traffic System.

The method is very simple and needs no maintenance after you set it up. These are methods and content I have developed personally are not available from me and nowhere else.


 The Perfect Storm Of Viral Income + Multiple Income Streams

I finally created the method that I could make huge profits from.


I tweaked and refined every part of the system until I had a repeatable scalable setup system that I could replicate over and over.


The REAL test was about to come…HOW MUCH COULD I BANK WITH IT?


I launched my 1st ‘campaign’ …and BOOM!

$6000.00 within a few days – more and more each day.


My happy face soon went from this:

To this… 


PayPal FROZE my account!

I couldn’t get my money out! I had to stop everything. I wrote to them, I phoned them.

My account had been limited because of ‘unusual activity’ that’s all they could tell me.

I felt sick.


The account was permanently limited and my money would be available in 180 days!


I could have avoided all this stress, panic and delay if I had phoned them and told them to expect a big increase in sales because I was launching a massive campaign.

I wasn’t prepared for the huge increase in money going into my PayPal. But I didn’t know it would be that BIG!

Eventually after two weeks of back and forward, the limit was lifted and my account was back to normal.



Before you launch big – TELL PayPal WHAT YOU ARE DOING!


NEXT - I finally put all the pieces together and let it run.

The viral machine generated results like this:

After a few months orders topped $160,000 in a SINGLE DAY



You May Think I Would Want To Keep My Methods A Secret.

 But the OPPOSITE is true. I’m sick and tired of watching good people getting scammed and preyed upon by a group of ‘gurus’. You know who they are. I was a victim too for way too long.

I want to share my ‘secrets’ precisely because I have seen too many people struggling to make money and failing because of hyped up misleading marketing products.

I ‘retired’ to the cliché tropical beach and bought a huge beach villa.

After a few years of tropical beach lifestyle I realised I didn’t want to be to be on one big holiday for the rest of my life. (Drinking too much and leading a fun lifestyle.)


I missed the buzz of business, and talking to like-minded people.


I Really Want YOU To Get The Same Success

I like to help others by sharing what I have learned, hopefully helping others to avoid some of the expensive mistakes I made.


I want to pass that on to YOU so you can finally break through all the crap too. Of course, I know that if you and a chosen few others use my methods won’t hurt my ability to make more profits. I WANT to help, but I wouldn’t be doing it if it affected my profits.


But I Can’t Just Give You The Coaching And Methods



I can’t take the chance that it falls into the wrong hands and someone passes it around so much that it dilutes the results for everyone. (if a small number of us use it, the market is so huge it won’t matter, but if 10,000s start cloning my formula we could all lose money).

I have charge money to keep it out of the hands of Freebie Seekers and Black Hat ‘sharers’.



I don’t have time!




Skype me: stevenjx

Email me: steven@forumoffers.com  - 

90% Of The Work Has Been Done FOR YOU!


Everything You Need To Start Making Will Be Clearly Explained To You.

This is the perfect opportunity for you if you…

Are a busy marketer who wants an extra profit stream fast

Want to start your first real Internet marketing business

Don’t want to spend a fortune creating a product, copy writing, setting up a website

Want a truly set & forget business for passive income

Want to make sales on auto-pilot, even while you sleep

You don’t need to know ANYTHING about:

Traffic generation

Website design

Black Hat Methods

Copy writing

Product creation




You’ll be taught the easiest, fastest, and most profitable internet marketing business you will ever find.

You just rinse and repeat. Every time you create a special Viral Giveaway your income is compounded.

I show you exactly what I do and how I make money every day - so you can replicate it.


Coaching Of This Value Normally Costs Tens Of Thousands

 Not everyone has tens of thousands just lying around to start an online business, but in real world value that’s probably at least what it would cost you to work all this out by yourself.


But I CAN’T do this for everyone.

You need to be an ACTION TAKER to qualify.

Only a limited number of fast movers will get access.

As I already mentioned, I can only help YOU and a small number of others.

I can’t do it for everyone as I don’t have the time and if too many people use it at some point in the future it could hurt our results.


It’s important that you act now and lock in your position so you can start up your new money machine today and start making serious coin in very little time…


And it won’t cost you anywhere near $100k!



Only $297  - Here’s the Special $200 OFF payment link.

Terms and Conditions

You’ll get:

One on One Training to $3000++ /month

 My personal coaching, one on one over Skype and by email.

Access to tools and procedures I use to make this business work.

I give you all the content you need. You don’t need to create content yourself.

My Bulletproof Viral Giveaway Method.

My latest tried and tested cash generating Methods every month

Latest tips, hacks and methods working now


Need more information?




What if you could leverage the influence of others to drive leads to your client's web pages, offers or to just promote a product? 

How about if you knew a system that allowed you to build brand awareness without spending a dime on Google ads, Facebook ads - WHAT SO EVER.

How is that possible you might be asking? Well...

We do it with the never seen before lead generation Method called STEALTH DROPS - This system can be used to Drive astonishing amounts of traffic and leads.


You Get IMMEDIATE Access to ‘Evergreen Fast Cash Coaching’. (Sells for $497.00) This is a coaching course I bought the rights for, to give you a head start before starting my one on one coaching.

PLUS Lifetime Viral App Software Licence.

PLUS Premium WP Plugins .

NEW - fesh.store    LIFETIME LICENCE (worth $599.00) INCLUDED

And MUCH MUCH more to ensure you get off to a flying and start making money as soon as possible.

FREE …Just For Trying out the Monthly Mentor Group!  Cancel anytime, keep everything!

You will receive all these bonuses immediately on joining.


I will make sure you understand 100% of what you are doing making it impossible for you to go wrong.


FACT when you use what I show you here - you will make money.

It’s proven just as night follows day.

Multiple working methods each have the potential to make job replacing income, even enough to retire.


I actually retired a few years ago but I came back to marketing because I love the challenge of winning and making money, and sharing my methods with others.



You Get It All For Just $497


I give you EVERYTHING we are doing so there is zero chance of you failing but..

You must agree NOT to share or tell anyone, I mean tell NO ONE, partners, friends, relatives or your dog. People will not understand, will be afraid of change and could put doubts in your mind, even want you to fail.


Don’t tell anyone – SHOW them AFTER you are making money.


Confidentiality must be maintained to protect the method from being shared publically and keep it exclusively for our members. Therefore we cannot divulge the exact methods to anyone.


Only $497.00  Special $200 OFF payment link.

Terms and Conditions


My one-on-one personal coaching NORMALLY starts at $497.00 to join + $37 a month for

tutorials only and email support


…and $1,497 to join and $197 a month for tutorials plus New Method updates and Skype support.


But you’re not going to pay this much today.


Put It into Perspective

 Do you want to spend many years and many thousands learning a profession?

Doctor - Engineer - Accountant - Dentist – Veterinarian - Lawyer – Commercial Pilot

Do you want to work hard for years, attend full time college, university and more to become a professional? Maybe get a job at the end of it, maybe not, maybe make $50,000 - $100,000 a year?


Hard work for many years, build a massive debt, no guarantee of employment, high level of accountability and responsibility, stress?


Business expenses, rent, staff depreciation could cost you thousands a month for a traditional business with no guarantee of return on your investment and running costs.



 Do you want to make more money than they do with a fraction of the cost and none of the school time?


Bottom Line, literally: Treat this as seriously as you would do with any of the professions.


I can guarantee that everyone who implements the exact same plan as I am using will succeed.


I can confidently make that guarantee because no one who has followed the step by step instructions and put the plan into action has ever failed.


Remember, I started in the exact same position as you, I wasted thousands of dollars (pounds) and thousands of hours before I got a sniff of success.


When I finally worked it out I scaled it up big time. Everything I share with you is based on real results, not theory.


If I can do it you can replicate what I do – you can do for yourself with the inside information I can share with you.


You get it all for just $497

Here’s the Special $200 OFF payment link.>>>


Terms and Conditions

Questions?  Skype me: stevenjx

Email me: steven@forumoffers.com  

Do You Qualify?


This is not for people looking for “push button” get rich quick no work, instant cash methods. They do not exist. This is not for losers who are going to fall at the first hurdle and give up.


This is for those with a willingness to take action…to listen to me. If you take action you’ll know exactly how you can make the money you always wanted.


*Before you commit make sure that you understand what I am offering.

After reading all the information you understand what is being offered and what’s required of you, and you need, hosting, a wordpress site, and 2 – 4 hours a day to work - why wait?


“I understand that my purchase is 100% Risk-Free for 60 days, but I must act now because only a very limited number of places are available…and I don’t want to miss out!”

Secure Your Position Now, and Get Everything for
Just $1497 $497 $297!
ONLY $297

Your Partner in Success,

Steven Cross


Questions?  Skype me: stevenjx

Email me: steven@forumoffers.com  



I don’t want you to leave empty handed. Maybe you don’t have a few hundred dollars available to join us right now. I totally understand. You probably wish hadn’t spent so much on useless Marketing products this year!

I know how it feels to be stuck after wasting your spare money on useless products leaving yourself short when you really need to grab a once in a lifetime opportunity like this is.


Sooo…To get you started making money – to help you make the money you need, for just $10.00 I am GIVING you my best selling Coaching Course + Software (no one on one Skype) so you can make some Fast Cash and come back to this page to join up!


* Evergreen Fast Cash Coaching Course Selling for $497.00) 8 complete Methods each capable of making you at least $100.000.00 per year! (to enhance your knowledge)




What about Testimonials?

I have a zero-testimonial policy for our private secret methods for obvious reasons. Testimonials can easily be faked.


No one in their right mind is going to reveal exactly how they are making money, or how much they are making. Successful people don’t want or need to reveal their financial information to you..

It’s not right or fair to ask people to share the results of their secret methods that they are paying hundreds a month to learn.

They have nothing to gain except loss of privacy and additional competition. Additionally, profitable campaigns are active now; no one is going to share profitable campaigns outside the group when they are active and profitable.

That would be financial suicide.


I can show you extracts of posts and comments made about the system by users, but not individual case studies.

You be the judge.

Steven is an OG in this field.

I've had the privilege to be coached by him. Trust me he is the real deal. He knows his shit.

I'm not going to give away his methods here but let's just say most of the people guessing what it is are all wrong.

Another thing, this is not some pie in the sky get rich quick scheme. This will take some work and dedication to put together but it will pay off in the end.

All I can say is, don't waste your time and his if you are not going to be 100% focus and dedicated to the program.






“The most valuable bonus is the information in the Private Skype Group which shows you exactly how to make money with the software. NO ONE FAILS. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.”


“….. all you Guys that bought this and need some help join the Skype group has been nothing less than excellent since it opened this Week.. !!!!!!!!”


"Thank you so much for adding me to the group. The support group really is really the difference between success and another fail."

“Finally I know I will make it online thanks to your live person to person Skype group.”


“I have bought a lot of software which I never use because I don’t know how, I never got the personal help I needed.. Videos and PDFs are not enough – it’s essential to talk to a real person who knows what he is talking about.”


“You’ve been so helpful. I feel sure I will finally make money with your amazing methods.. THANKS!!”


“Wow. I just read through the Skype group! Your method SO SIMPLE when combined with the softwares. I am blown away. AMAZING sneaky trick with the “gifts” LOL. “


“You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!”


Then you have “business coaches” who have never had a successful business themselves. They’ve just copied a training program and are selling it to you.


When you join me, you contact me personally. You’ll have access to me personally and you’ll be taught proven systems step by step until you succeed.



Making money online from scratch or adding another income stream to your existing business has never been easier because 95% of the hard work has been done for you!

Remember, you have 60 days, not 30 but 60 to get a refund if everything I are saying is not proven to you after when you put the method into action.



Marketing Information Products And Courses are Fine, But One-On-One Coaching Is ESSENTIAL For You To Succeed.

I spent over $35,000 in one year alone marketing information products. They’re sometimes informative but no replacement for a coach and mentor who works with you personally.

Make sure you only deal with someone who has already been successful, and not some wannabe pretending to be who is only interested in selling his thing to you.


There are many coaching programs being sold by “gurus” where the guru isn’t the one who does the actual coaching. It’s the old bait-and-switch.


You pay a fee (sometimes as high as $25,000 or more) thinking you will be dealing with the guru personally, but you are given to an “assistant” who is really just a $10 an hour employee trained to “hold your hand” and read you lines out of the guru’s products.



Here’s the Special  $200 OFF payment link.>>>


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Questions?  Skype me: stevenjx


Email me: steven@forumoffers.com  


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